• AppTek and Sky News Arabia Announce Partnership for Live Automated Closed Captioning

    Published March 14, 2016

    "Partnership Integrates AppTek's Live Closed Captioning Appliance Technology into Broadcaster Solutions to Expand Audience Reach"

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  • AppTek Appoints Adam Sutherland as CEO

    Published November 12, 2015

    "Company continues to gain traction in Media and Telephony"

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  • AppTek Enables Vorsight's ExecVision with ASR

    Published August 5, 2015

    "Continuous automatic speech recognition transcribing sales and customer support calls."

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  • TeamVisibility Licenses AppTek's ASR for Meaningful Data Mining

    Published June 29, 2015

    "Continuous automatic speech recognition transcribing sales and customer support calls"

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  • AppTek to Showcase its Latest Media Solutions at the Upcoming SET Expo 2015

    Published June 12, 2015

    "AppTek will exhibit its latest speech technology at the upcoming SET Expo 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil."

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  • IDenTV Licenses ASR Technology from AppTek

    Published June 12, 2015

    "San Francisco based computer vision firm IDenTV is partnering with Washington D.C. based human language technology leader AppTek."

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  • AppTek Exhibits at the NAB Show

    Published June 12, 2015

    "AppTek demonstrated its Live Captioning Appliance and Media Production Workbench at the NAB Show last April."

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  • ASBU Awards Announced

    Published November 11, 2014

    "Winners of ASBU BroadcastPro ME Awards announced at gala ceremony"

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  • The Washington Post

    Published July 7, 2014

    "McLean’s AppTek's MT acquired by eBay"

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  • TV Technology

    Published July 2, 2014

    "Closed Captioning Mandate Spurs Business For Vendors"

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  • Broadcast Pro ME

    Published March 16, 2014

    "Content anytime, anywhere, in any language"

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  • AppTek Releases Omnifluent Mobile Speech Translation Apps

    Published February 04, 2014

    Applications Technology (AppTek) just released two Speech-to-Speech translation apps for free on the Apple App Store. For a limited time, users may download Omnifluent™ Mobile Spanish/English ...

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  • AppTek Provides Captioning and Subtitling to MBC's News Channel to Reach New Audiences

    Published January 26, 2014

    McLean, VA (PRWEB) January 26, 2014

    Applications Technology (AppTek) announced that it provides the MBC Group News TV channel with a state-of-the-art subtitling service that for the first ...

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  • AppTek Reaquires Its Human Language Technology

    Published November 05, 2013

    MCLEAN, November 5, 2013 – Applications Technology LLC (“AppTek”) through it's founders Mohammad Shihadah and Mudar Yaghi, today announced that it has acquired the Omnifluent Human Language ...

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  • AppTek Launches Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook Pages

    Published July 23, 2009

    McLean, VA (June 22, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), today announced its entrance into the online social networking world. Seeking to reach out to the ...

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  • AppTek Launches "Quick Translate" on Its Website

    Published July 23, 2009

    McLean, VA (June 22, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), today announced the availability of its free machine translation MT service on its website:
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  • AppTek Participates in Machine Translation Summit XII

    Published July 22, 2009

    MCLEAN, Va. (July 22, 2009) – AppTek, a leading provider of human language technology software and solutions, has secured Ambassador L. Paul Bremer as a featured speaker at ...

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  • AppTek Announces Enhanced Automated Speech Recognition

    Published June 22, 2009

    McLean, VA (June 22, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), today announced the availability of its enhanced automated speech recognition (ASR) engine for ...

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  • AppTek Selected by Menacast to Deploy Large Scale Media Monitoring System

    Published April 21, 2009

    McLean, VA (April 21, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), today announced its participation with Menacast as the chosen platform for its large-scale ...

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  • AppTek Enhances Media Monitoring Solution with Hybrid Machine Translation and Increased Broadcast and Dialect Coverage

    Published April 14, 2009

    McLean, VA (April 14, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), is announcing key enhancements to its media monitoring solution, MediaSphereTM. A ...

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  • AppTek Announces Winners of Olin College Mobile Language Translation Application Contest

    Published March 24, 2009

    McLean, VA (March 24, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), today released the results of its joint contest with the Olin College of Engineering to explore ...

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  • AppTek HMT and Olin College Contest Featured in Multilingual News

    Published March 15, 2009

    Apptek's patent-pending Hybrid Machine Translation and it’s Olin College of Engineering Student Contest have been featured in Multilingual News Magazine on March 15, 2009.

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  • AppTek in SpeechTek Magazine

    Published March 03, 2009

    AppTek Grows Its Sphere of Influence has been featured in SpeechTek Magazine on March 3, 2009. 

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  • AppTek is Elected to AMTA's Board of Directors

    Published November 11, 2008

    AMTA elected a board of directors in its 2008 conference in Hawaii. Amongst them, AppTek's Mike Veronis, to represent the language technologies developer community.

    AMTA is an association ...

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  • AppTek Chief Scientist to Present at AMTA 2008 Conference

    Published October 21, 2008

    During the Eighth Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA), AppTek Chief Scientist Hassan Sawaf, Ph.D., will discuss best practices for ...

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  • NIST MT 08 Tests Show AppTek's Strong Performance

    Published June 10, 2008

    MCLEAN, VA – June 10, 2008 – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), was the top performer in NIST’s Meteor evaluation and one of the top three performers in this year’s NIST MT ...

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  • AppTek Provides Ford With Machine Translation

    Published October 22, 2007

    Thanks to the Internet, companies can leap over most geographical barriers to conduct business globally. But language barriers remain a tough hurdle.

    Increasingly, though, translation ...

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  • AppTek shows the state-of-the-art in human language technologies will be at GEOINT 2007

    Published October 15, 2007

    MCLEAN, VA – October 15, 2007 – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), will show audiences at this year’s GEOINT Symposium the latest advances in the field of Human Language ...

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  • AppTek and Google leaders in NIST test results reported by German press

    Published May 03, 2007

    MCLEAN, VA – May 3, 2007 - The German press covered AppTek and Google’s leading test scores in the NIST MT06 evaluation. The Aachener newspaper traced the origins of the winning approaches of the ...

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  • Northrop Grumman's Language Now System Incorporates AppTek Technology

    Published May 03, 2007

    MCLEAN, VA – May 3, 2007 - Products from AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT) including Machine Translation and Automatic Speech Recognition, have been successfully used in Northrop ...

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  • AppTek scores best on "Noisy Data" under NIST Machine Translation MT06 Evaluation

    Published October 10, 2006

    MCLEAN, VA--(MARKET WIRE)--Oct 10, 2006 -- AppTek's machine translation system scored best on "noisy data" (i.e. text from speech input, newsgroups, etc. as opposed to "clean data" like newswire ...

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  • AppTek Inc. Announces Partnership with Virage/Autonomy

    Published July 26, 2006

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--July 26, 2004-- Virage, a division of Autonomy Corp. (NASDAQ: AUTN; LSE: AU.) and a leading provider of rich media communication and content management software, and ...

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