AppTek Participates in Machine Translation Summit XII

Premier sponsor AppTek to stream proceedings live from the conference

MCLEAN, Va. (July 22, 2009) – AppTek, a leading provider of human language technology software and solutions, has secured Ambassador L. Paul Bremer as a featured speaker at the Twelfth Machine Translation (MT) Summit, scheduled for August 26-30, 2009 at Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In its role as the summit’s premier sponsor, AppTek will also be exclusive provider of live streams of the address, as well as all of the summit proceedings, from its homepage at

“The MT Summit is one of our industry’s most important events, where the newest research and ideas are shared and valuable partnerships are forged,” said Mike Veronis, Head of Business Development of AppTek. “Ambassador Bremer will bring a compelling point of view, as one who has devoted his career building bridges across cultural and language barriers.” Ambassador Bremer has more than 40 years of public and private sector service in diplomacy and international affairs. He will discuss the critical importance of overcoming language challenges and the role of machine translation in facilitating timely and accurate communications.

AppTek Chief Scientist Hassan Sawaf led the planning of the summit workshops, which will bring together human language translation professionals in business, government and academia from around the globe. The biennial event is organized by the International Association for Machine Translation and the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas. AppTek develops state-of-the-art machine translation (MT) solutions that deliver the robustness and accuracy that is key to greater productivity and higher quality when automating the translation of large volumes of speech and text data compiled from a variety of sources. AppTek's solutions are available for more than 23 languages, including Arabic and Farsi.