AppTek Announces Enhanced Automated Speech Recognition

ASR seamlessly integrates with AppTek’s hybrid MT software for the most accurate broadcast and telephony transcription and translation

McLean, VA (June 22, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), today announced the availability of its enhanced automated speech recognition (ASR) engine for Farsi. The enhanced ASR engine also processes several other key languages such as Arabic and Spanish, and is compatible for use with machine translation, providing a complete solution for customers without integration costs or complex development. AppTek’s PlainSpeech Broadcast and PlainSpeech Telephony engines are available to commercial customers and the U.S. Government through AppTek’s GSA schedule.

PlainSpeech telephony is a unique offering in the language technologies market because it is specifically engineered for the challenging content of unscripted natural language, dialect, noise and other nuances of non-broadcast environments. PlainSpeech Broadcast is designed for news-oriented content from either television or radio and it readily processes broadcasts that include news, multi-speaker roundtable discussions and debates and even open-air interviews outside of the studio.

Deployed for use in several federal government applications and major commercial interactive voice response (IVR) programs across the world, AppTek's ASR technology has a proven track record of providing industry leading accuracy and speed. AppTek’s ASR technology is the industry’s first solution to employ Farsi transcription and translation in one platform, which can be utilized for many leading-edge machine translation and multilingual information retrieval projects, including media monitoring where it adjusts to changes in dialect and language in real-time to improve speed and accuracy.

"The benefits of the enhanced ASR engine go beyond traditional uses, as we are able to provide customers with mobile communications," said Steve Cook, CTO at AppTek. "By utilizing the ASR engine through handheld devices, users are able to reap the benefits of the translation software where it makes the greatest impact, out in the field." Benefits afforded by the enhanced ASR engine include:

  • Engines that perform well on any type of dialogue
  • Dialect adaptive engines that do not miss colloquial speech
  • The flexibility to use the ASR on the platform that best meets the need - a laptop, a server or a handheld device
  • A lower cost of ownership and greater accuracy from day one