AppTek Selected by Menacast to Deploy Large Scale Media Monitoring System

AppTek’s MediaSphere scalable to over 100 live channels and enables context specific media segregation for customized information mining and reporting

McLean, VA (April 21, 2009) – AppTek, a leader in human language technology (HLT), today announced its participation with Menacast as the chosen platform for its large-scale media monitoring system. AppTek’s MediaSphere was selected during the initial architecture phase of this ambitious endeavor for a multi-channel simultaneous monitoring solution and deployed to monitor an initial number of live channels. Menacast has now announced that it has scaled beyond the initial deployment and is currently using AppTek’s MediaSphere platform to monitor more than 20 live channels 24 hours a day and plans to scale to 50 channels by mid-year. Menacast is a large media monitoring enterprise providing media mining and intelligence reporting of satellite, terrestrial, and Web-based television and radio stations.

Menacast is utilizing AppTek’s MediaSphereTM software, a fully automated turnkey solution which incorporates hybrid machine translation, automated speech recognition, knowledge management, content management, and other relevant technologies to provide multilingual transcripts from both broadcast and non-broadcast sources. AppTek designed the architecture to deploy MediaSphere on a large enough scale to allow Menacast to expand their monitoring organization to capture and mine content from their initial engagement of 20 live channels to 100 or more outlets 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.

“The stability of MediaSphere has enabled us to grow according to our projections and develop an online service providing access to customized information captured from the various channels we monitor,” said Chafik Moalem, CTO at Menacast. “Furthermore, AppTek’s architecture allows us to continuously add channels without causing a direct 1:1 correlation between content monitoring and licensing costs. This is extremely important as it affords us the ability to keep our costs down as we scale our business to meet the growing needs of our customers.”

Utilizing video and audio logging technologies, MediaSphere provides alerts and information based on customized reporting and search parameters set by the user. MediaSphere’s specific media segregation capability allows the user to conduct specific granular searches based on broadcast channel, geographic region or even specific programs such as advertisements. As a result, Menacast customers receive such broadcast intelligence as:

  • Keyword monitoring for a list of chosen words to search within any media file
  • Automated broadcast summaries for a summary on the nature of each media clip of interest
  • Topic clustering for quick view of the subject matter from a large volume of media
  • Saved searches and keyword alerts for faster access to the right information
  • Easy configuration of information displays and automated monitoring features
  • Tailored information mining for quicker and more accurate reporting

“The benefits of Menacast’s system go beyond just providing users with media monitoring capabilities,” said Steve Cook, CTO at AppTek. “By utilizing a combination of unique applications such as automatic speech recognition, hybrid machine translation and information retrieval, Menacast users are provided with meaningful and actionable intelligence without the challenge of sifting through random and inappropriate results. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Menacast as they continue to grow and offer additional services.”