AppTek HMT and Olin College Contest Featured in Multilingual News

Apptek's patent-pending Hybrid Machine Translation and it’s Olin College of Engineering Student Contest have been featured in Multilingual News Magazine on March 15, 2009.

AppTek, a developer of software for human language technology, has completed its hybrid machine translation (HMT) system for both Windows server and 32-bit Windows for PC. AppTek's TranSphere HMT system is a full integration of statistical and rule- based methodologies.

AppTek also released the results of its joint contest with the Olin College of Engineering to explore the use of AppTek's core technology — which includes a set of tools for language identification, translation and text-to-speech services in a variety of languages — to develop a prototype Android application for the Google G1 Phone. All teams licensed their final code entries under the Open Source Initiative Approved Simplified BSD License.