AppTek is Elected to AMTA's Board of Directors

AMTA elected a board of directors in its 2008 conference in Hawaii. Amongst them, AppTek's Mike Veronis, to represent the language technologies developer community.

AMTA is an association dedicated to anyone interested in the translation of languages using computers in some way. This includes people with translation needs, commercial system developers, researchers, sponsors, and people studying, evaluating, and understanding the science of machine translation (MT) and educating the public on important scientific techniques and principles involved. It provides an opportunity for commercial developers, users, and research scientists to meet in a convivial atmosphere and share ideas. The election results were officially announced at this year’s bi-annual conference, where AppTek also made its first public exhibit of its new hybrid machine translation (HMT) product. The HMT product showed users how significant an integrated statistical and rule-based MT system can perform in providing information fidelity (fluency, informativeness, and adequacy), which provides a more readable and valuable translation.