Company Profile

Applications Technology (AppTek) is a leader in machine translation (MT) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. The Company provides proven, time-saving and cost effective automatic language translation – from text to text, speech to text and speech to speech. AppTek licenses its comprehensive suite of Human Language Technology (HLT) products and solutions to enable major commercial and government customers to process audio, video, and text content in more than 30 languages and dialects.

AppTek’s innovative Hybrid Machine Translation engine is a leading-edge breakthrough in language translation technology, using both rule-based and statistical-based engines to improve efficiency and accuracy. The Company’s end-to-end solution was built on a robust, cutting-edge and scalable technology platform by a highly-skilled team of computational linguists and software engineers.

Automating speech recognition and translation of human languages is key to making information accessible across different languages, regardless of the media (video, Internet, mobile, etc.). Enabling access to the data by making spoken input and output ubiquitously available integrates speech technology with the user experience and allows for multiple applications, such as web, search, e-commerce, media monitoring, closed captioning, subtitling and content localization.

AppTek pioneered work in MT and ASR almost 25 years ago, and its technical talent has extensive computational linguistics experience in speech recognition, computational linguistics and machine translation product development. AppTek has assembled a veteran team with significant technical and engineering knowledge. These key employees are instrumental to the Company’s continued success and contribute to AppTek’s ability to innovate and improve its solutions.

The global digital content revolution is producing content at historic rates. Individuals and enterprises desire access to more information at a quicker pace. Nearly 1.5 billion people are now online and many are contributing to the content available on the Internet. The abundance of content created is widely diversified, produced in many languages and delivered via multiple mediums.

As a result, the exponential growth of content creation and distribution around the world is creating new opportunities for translation and speech recognition services. However, the sheer volume of that content also produces insurmountable hurdles that exceed the limitations of manual human language translation. This poses a challenge for human communications, and slows down the rate at which the world can communicate.

Globalization and the digital content revolution is further driving the need for translation technologies as huge amounts of unstructured content (audio, videos, blogs, broadcasts, etc.) is being created and distributed in a variety of languages and through multiple mediums (Internet, mobile, etc.). This has created an incredible opportunity for technologies with the ability to close caption and subtitle, thereby increasing greatly the search optimization of video and audio content.

In addition, consumers seek voice-based mobile solutions that allow them to simply and effectively navigate, retrieve and transact across a growing universe of content and services in mobile phones, automobiles and personal navigation devices. At the same time, organizations are demanding solutions that increase productivity by automating repetitive business processes, reduce cost associated with customers without sacrificing the quality of service they deliver and reduce costs associated with manual tasks. Since most people can talk more quickly than they can type, speech-based technologies are a natural way to these problems.

Unique Automatic Speech Recognition Methodology and Engines

AppTek’s competitive advantage stems from its innovative technology, intellectual property and developmental expertise in speech recognition. AppTek developed its complex ASR algorithms through extensive R&D efforts into linguistic research, acoustic models, and recognition techniques. This enables AppTek to adapt the technology to new languages and dialects much faster and with less linguistic training data than its competitors.

Breakthrough Approach to Machine Translation

AppTek’s patent-pending HMT engine combines the strengths of both statistical and rule-based techniques, allowing for a faster and more accurate translation that provides the highest level of information fidelity (fluency, adequacy, informativeness).

Demand Driven by Globalization and the Exponential Growth of Content

Globalization and the digital content revolution and is further driving the need for translation technologies as content is being created and distributed at unprecedented levels, in a variety of languages and through multiple mediums. This has created an incredible opportunity for technologies with the ability to monitor, store and translate content (audio, video, text).

Technology Validated by Blue Chip Global Corporations and U.S. Government Agencies.

AppTek has a distinguished commercial client base across North America, Europe, MENA and Asia. The international reach of its products is due to the broad language coverage of its offerings, including its speech technology.